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Ubuntu Server 20.04 installation and basic setup

Today we will install and secure an Ubuntu Server and set up basic services. For simplicity, I will use a VirtualBox VM but the guide can be applied to any other Ubuntu supported platform.

Andrew Golasowski

C/C++ development on Windows in VS Code and WSL2 #1: terminal apps

There is a lot of toolchains for C/C++. Although there are IDEs, some developers prefer using text editors and manual compilation. On Windows you can use VS Code and so called Windows Subsystem for Linux to compile like on native Linux system.

Andrew Golasowski

How to display a system status in Home Assistant

It is handy to have system information easily accessible. Manual checking (via SSH) can become annoying quickly. However, thanks to Home Assistant’s built-in integration Command line Sensor, it is easy to set up in-app system monitoring in a matter of minutes.

Andrew Golasowski